Neues FW-Release 7.1-30 veröffentlicht!

Planmäßig wurde das nächste Release der KEMP LoadMaster Serie veröffentlicht. Seit gestern ist V7.1-28a, als FinalRelease, als Download verfügbar.
Gleich vorweg – wir haben eine neue überarbeitete UI! Blau ist das neue Gold! ;-)
Hier die wichtigsten Änderungen und Features:

Neue Features:

PD-5069 Payload Level Content Switching.
PD-5110 TCP Multiplexing.
PD-5146 IPSec Tunnel from LM to vCloud Air via IPSEC (Environment setup)
PD-5236 Feature to support SHA2/SHA256 Cert.
PD-5291 vRealize Orchestrator (vCO) Integration.
PD-5267 IPSec for AWS VPN with public support only (pfs=no/yes option)
PD-5234 VXLAN networks support.
PD-5011 ESPv3: Cust. Request – Authenticate from multiple domains with ESP.

Feature Enhancements

PD-5068 Re-skinned WUI
PD-5564 WAFD – rework interface to L7.
PD-5224 Upgrade openssl to openssl 1.0.1p
PD-5015 Cust. Request – Add the ability to have the LoadMaster use a proxy when accessing the internet.
PD-4697 Cust. Request – Named manual backup file.
PD-4872 Cust. Request – Enhance API for removing SSO cache.
PD-4112 Cust. Request – Log connection attempts from IPs on a Blacklist
PD-4900 LM supports DHE bit size no larger than 1024-bit.
PD-5017 FIPS 140-2 L1 Capabilities Ported to the Latest LMOS Version.
PD-5669 Limit Number of Concurrent Logon Sessions in Loadmaster.
PD-5465 Problem with Permitted Groups.
PD-5310 Enhance the Bare Metal install disk by adding a compatibility check
PD-4164 Make ISO install if booted from USB.
PD-5308 Integrate SDN App Centric Flow Analysis Toolkit into SDN Adaptive Add-On.
PD-5240 Use CAC to log into the Admin interface of LoadMaster.
PD-4698 Better Cloud HA WUI Indicators.
PD-2737 Allow netstat in Diagnostic shell.
PD-5102 Telemetry Data.
PD-4082 Create a template for Oracle JD Edwards.
PD-5063 Template for LB Oracle EBS.
PD-5051 Template to LB SAP applications server
PD-5520 ProScript: Create front end for uploading ISOs to GitLab.
PD-5222 ESP Set-Cookie “domain” field & impact on short domain names.
PD-4306 WUI feedback when I Click “Set Geo Loadmaster Partners” Button.
PD-4113 LM to add a reply code of 200 to not available redirection handling.

Issues fixed in this release

PD-5841 Configure SNMP v3
PD-5729 Segfault on 7.1-28b
PD-5643 Regression – Password issue with FTP Automated Backups.
PD-5500 Permitted Groups Allowing Alternate Child Domains To Authenticate Even When They Are Not In The Specified Group
PD-5497 With KCD. Kemp KCD User account used for LM->RS Connection
PD-5420 Not Available Redirection Handling: Error File not updated
PD-5416 ESP – RSA prompt being bypassed when there is an existing user session
PD-4964 RSA Authentication failing when concurrent access occurs via pam_securid RSA module
PD-4596 LM Not Sending Full Certificate Data on Front End Handshake
PD-3726 LoadMaster Reboots on KCD login
PD-5920 Health check shows as up when server is unavailable
PD-5870 Logs not visible in IE after upgrade to 7.1-28a 7.1-28b
PD-5867 2 Factor Authentication for Kemp ESP
PD-5853 IP Mappings on GEO showing “up” even though checks are failing
PD-5586 Toggling scheduling methods cause VLM to crash
PD-5282 GEO does not handle queries with proximity scheduling method – Customer requesting behavior change
PD-5020 Real Server Check Parameters- Custom Headers value field does not accept special characters.
PD-4865 Unable to unlock Locked users only for some domains – SR 17362
PD-4863 Unable to edit custom locations on GEO
PD-4662 LDAP Health check failing intermittently

Known Issues:

PD-5909 RESTful API stops displaying blacklist IPs after 325 entries
PD-5582 v7.1-28a Pre-Sales GEO Feedback
PD-4666 sso config for domain […….] not found
PD-5641, Customer`s LM-2600 reboot when any configuration in made
PD-5857, VMware vRealize Operations Manager collector thread error
PD-5961, KCD OWA 1MB File Attachments
PD-2586, VIP Detail Statistics incorrect
PD-6102, Enable RS button for selected RS does disable

LoadMaster version v7.1-28a unterstützt die folgende Hardware:

  • LM-2400
  • LM-2600
  • LM-3000
  • LM-3600
  • LM-4000
  • LM-5000
  • LM-5400
  • LM-5600
  • LM-8000
  • LM-8020
  • LM-R320
  • VLM-200
  • VLM-2000
  • VLM-5000
  • VLM-10000
  • LMB-1G
  • LMB-2G
  • LMB-5G
  • LMB-10G


Sollten Sie das neueste Release installieren wollen wenden Sie sich wie gewohnt an unseren Support oder laden Sie es im Supportforum.

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